5 Restaurant Technologies To Watch

No person or process or fridge in the restaurant industry has been left untouched by today’s advancements in technology. The good thing for restaurants is that they’re relatively small cost investments with huge efficiency, productivity, and cost saving results. The challenge to restaurants is not adopting all restaurant tech, but rather prioritizing the tech to implement first.

That said, not all restaurant tech is created equal or should take top priority. In this post, we’ll look at five emerging restaurant technologies you should keep your eye on this year.

1. Portable Payments

2. One-for-All Technology

3. Self-Ordering: Kiosks and Table Side Tablets

4. Wearable Tech

5. Real-Time Data Automation

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The role of boutique hotels in shaping new hospitality trends

Much like restaurants keeping within the “local” theme, boutique hotels are making their mark on the hospitality industry by creating a unique experience and personalization instead of standardization.

Some key concepts of lifestyle and boutique hotels that are influencing the hospitality industry:

1. Connectivity

2. The “home away from home” concept

3. Social spaces

4. Social elites

5. Localization

6. Signature design experience


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How a POS Can Help Streamline the Restaurant Inventory Process

Inventory management experts believe that correctly controlling the flow of inventory can boost a restaurant’s profits by 50%, with no other changes necessary.

Ultimately, tracking accurate inventory with a POS and inventory management system can improve order accuracy, overall savings, employee morale, and customer satisfaction.

1. More Accurate Ordering

2. Save Costs

3. Improve Employee Morale

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Restaurant Business: 4 Ways To Control Costs And Boost Sales

Managing a restaurant efficiently limits waste. To stay profitable and improve margins, it’s important to decrease costs without negatively impacting the quality of service or food.

Here’s a look at 4 practical tips to lower restaurant costs and boost sales.

1. Buy quality restaurant kitchen equipment

2. Invest in a simple restaurant POS system

3. Increase revenue through catering

4. Conduct a daily business review

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Four ways technology could impact restaurants in the future

Today, 57% of consumers agree that technology in restaurants improves their guest experience. And while we’ve already seen the introduction of apps and bots from restaurant chains, this only marks the start of how technology might further impact the hospitality industry in years to come.


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Calculating the cost of DIY vs third-party SaaS solutions for your restaurant

“Solid cloud-based providers deliver the results you need and are accountable for the entire solution—not just your data storage. Additionally, unlike DIY, SaaS providers continuously invest in software development, infrastructure and human capital. Providers that operate as an agile development environment may release new software updates every four to six weeks.”

Thinking about DIY vs third-party SaaS solutions for your restaurant? Read the article for pros and cons. Also, check out the xtraCHEF platform for invoice processing, document management, and cost analysis for your organization.


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Knowing your Costs Can Help Manage Food Waste

Did you know that 40 percent of the food produced in the United States is uneaten, resulting in at least 62.5 million tons of wasted food annually?

A report prepared on behalf of Champions 12.3 finds that for every $1 companies invested to reduce food loss and waste, they saved $14 in operating costs. The report finds that household savings could be much greater.


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Las Vegas Hospitality group: “Never lose focus on the guest’s experience”

What is your business philosophy?

Our business philosophy is tied closely to the name of our operating company, Stacked Hospitality. We try to improve and increase all aspects of our guest experience with each interaction and each element of service. We challenge our service team to build (stack) a dining experience for our guests as they guide our customers through a meal. The same is true culinarily — we are constantly looking for ways to improve.


xtraCHEF is dedicated to the customer experience as well. We believe that by enabling our clients to do their job more efficient and streamline operations, they will have more time to engage with their own customers, and thus increasing the bottom line. Please reach out here for more info.

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