What Are the Key Ingredients for Restaurant Management?

What Are Restaurant Performance Metrics?

Restaurant performance metrics are used to track the success and growth of your restaurant. You want to look at metrics that are easily measurable, directly correlated to performance, and comparable to competitors.

There are a few essential, quantifiable business metrics that every restaurant owner should be paying attention:

Cost per acquisition: The amount of money used to attract a new restaurant guest

Food costs: The total amount you are spending on ingredients and other materials needed for meal prep

Labor costs: The sum of all wages paid to employees, including benefits as well as payroll

Total revenue: The total amount of restaurant sales

Break-even point: The sales amount needed to outweigh your restaurant costs

Profit margin: The total amount you are taking home after hitting your break-even point

Computing these numbers is easy when using business analytics software for your restaurant, but identifying the performance indicators that influence them can be tricky.

Learn how xtraCHEF’s analytics tools can help you identify metrics to grow your business. Reach out for a demo here.


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