4 mistakes killing your food cost margins

Despite ever rising ingredient costs compressing margins to razor thinness, operators are reluctant to pass those increases on to price conscious consumers. That makes monitoring every step of the food production process—from the loading dock to the very plates on which food is served—essential if an operation is going to make money.

It’s always fun to hear customers’ rave reviews about your food, but successful operators listen just as closely when the accountant says food costs are out of line. Let’s examine four key ways not managing food costs can kill your profit margins.

1. You don’t take daily inventory
2. You purchase the wrong amounts
3. You don’t check deliveries closely
4. Your recipes aren’t costed or portioned accurately

Learn how to manage food costs properly at xtraCHEF.


Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 7.14.34 AM.png


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